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Men often struggle with a very specific challenge; knowing then doing little things that really let their wives know she is loved, without her needing to tell them precisely what she wants him to do. She doesn't want to tell you - she wants you to know what to do and how to make her feel special. Fair or not, this is reality, guys. Men seem to have a built in 'complacency' mode, making it more challenging for them to get off their tushies and work at the pursuit of the love they crave. Maintaining the love of a lifetime and building a life together requires effort. Men have to pursue a relationship with their wives for the rest of their lives if they really want the ultimate payoff of a woman who feels loved and cherished. 

But what is a typical marriage scenario? Husbands fail to let take action to let her know how much she is loved and appreciated, so she feels neglected. When she feels neglected, she begins to retreat. When she retreats; along with her affection, (and sex drive), he feels rejected. When he feels rejected, he withdraws. When he withdraws, she feels abandoned....then she nit picks, criticizes and becomes cold and quiet. Sadly, a huge majority of guys think if she isn't complaining, everything is fine; it isn't. A woman who is still fighting for her marriage will fight! If she has nothing to say she has 'checked out'; she doesn't feel the need to complain because she is already gone. This is the death spiral, which ultimately ends up with someone in a divorce attorney's office, scratching his head and asking "what happened? I thought she was happy." In the years of researching how to create this site, far, far too many men told us, "I do great - I take her out on date nights and bring her flowers. I don't need this", while their wives sat behind them, shaking their heads and rolling their eyes. Really? Really?  70% of divorces are filed by women...and an astonishing 35% of divorced men didn't even see the divorce coming. Even if the divorce doesn't happen, a silent, angry, cold relationship is not what anyone has in mind when they get married. Don't tell yourself it could not happen to you - of those guys who admitted it did - and the many more who did not - I guarantee all of them thought "I am doing great."

RomanceMadeEZ  puts an end to the illusion that you are doing fine. Acting on the ideas in RMEZ replaces "fizzle" with "sizzle".

After you sign up, three times a week, or as you specify, we will send you ideas, in the form of a text message or email, of little things you can do to tell your partner you love her. The messages titled "Everyday Things" are quick and easy little things you can do every day to tell your partner you love her and are thinking of her. The messages titled "Go the Extra Mile" are things you can do that will require more thought and effort on your part, but will make an impact in a more significant way. She is well aware of how much effort you invest in your relationship, so besides doing little things, which are important, you also need to occasionally do things that require more thought and effort but not necessarily a lot of money in order to keep your marriage exciting, evolving and passionate. The third, and final kind of message is the "Thought of the Week", which includes a more detailed explanation called 'Going Deeper'. These are not action oriented messages, but are designed to help you understand your partner better by addressing the little habits and 'conventional wisdom's' we all should think about that help grow intimacy and further understanding between you. These 'thoughts' will open up opportunities for conversation and growth in your relationship. However, they are all designed to be easy to apply and consider.

You will also notice that in the sign up process, we have an area we call "Our Relationship". Currently, this is an area that men can type in some of their partner's favorite things and birthday and anniversary dates. Coming very soon, we will be sending reminders two weeks before those dates to remind you that they are fast approaching, as well as gift suggestions based on her favorite things. We are always in development and look forward to our community giving us input as to how to further develop tools to serve your relationships. In a nutshell, RomanceMadeEZ is to men what Mel Gibson had in "What Women Want"; we allow them to read her thoughts and deliver exactly what she craves. As a bonus, if you continue to receive our ideas and act on them, it will permanently change the way you think about your relationship and your partner, as well as the way she responds to you. Every one wins; and we make it easy!

Your Marriage Matters

Marriage is the foundational relationship that brings about a contented life when we choose to be truly bound and comitted to it's covenants. Not surprisingly, the marriage relationship is under vicious attack and the situation is worse than ever. On top of all of the overwhelming evidence that the demise of marriage and family is adding immense momentum to the demise of our culture and society, research is laying bare the reality that we live in a world where loneliness is now considered an epidemic.That 'feeling' of being lonely is not dependent on being alone; it is emotional loneliness we are suffering from, an emotional loneliness brought on by a growing sense of entitlement and selfishness. Studies have proven that 90% of our satisfaction in life is based solely on the quality of our relationships; yet our culture encourages us to 'look out for number one', 'follow your heart'  and 'please yourself'. It is no wonder relationships are struggling. Close relationships require intimacy, but culturally, intimacy is synonymous with sex, which is not true intimacy; and those who try to achieve intimacy through sex are reaping the consequences in a population where drug addiction is now the leading cause of death for people under 50. Michelle Lobdell, as President of HeartMedia, is on a passionate mission to help people connect on an intimate level; a level that creates the kind of relationships that contribute health and harmony to people's lives, and shine glory on God and His design for human relationships. RomanceMadeEZ is the only program of its kind in the world. Marriages are meant to be a place where two people can be who they really are, without fear of rejection; understood, loved and supported in a trusting and caring relationship. Great marriages are MADE through the efforts of two committed people. The goal of RomanceMadeEZ is to create more happily married people, lovingly committed to each other and showing it through simple actions, every day. 

Love without action is worthless; and action without love is meaningless. RomanceMadeEZ.com helps put the action; and the love; back into marriage.

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