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Marriage is the bedrock of a strong and stable society, created and sanctified by God. With this in mind, it is no wonder why study after study continues to show that strong marriages bless partners in a physical, spiritual, emotional and financial way. It is vital and in our best interest to invest ourselves in our marriages and keep them strong. 

But men have a particular problem; and every wife is intimately familiar with it. The thoughtful sweet little things that speak to a woman's heart; the little things that communicate, "I love you and want you to know it"; are not on his mind most of the time. Once the pursuit is over, for him, it's OVER; why persue something he has already caught? Which leaves her wondering; where did that romantic guy go?? She wants that guy; the one who is romantic and sweet and thoughtful more than three times a yearAt Romance Made EZ, we have spoken to thousands of women, and most tell the same tale; they know their partners love them but they live with the reality that he doesn't remember to make a priority of doing the 'little' things that say so.

Until now.

Romance Made EZ is a reminder; a reminder to him that those 'little' things matter. A lot. Based in sound values on how we are to bring grace into marriage, we help 'guide' husbands to take action on the things women love, eliminating his guesswork and intimidation while simultaneously creating a 'thought' habit of putting his marriage, and family, first. We have hundreds of ideas; most super easy and many free; as well as important relationship builders. We remind him to invest himself in his marriage; to continue to be that romantic guy who pursued the object of his desire just like in the beginning. You remember him, right? That guy who captured her heart? We bring him back. We understand that romance is a lifelong pursuit; a pursuit that we help make fun, exciting; and easy.

Unconvinced? Once he acts on an idea, you will be. The cost is $7.00 a month - most people spend more on one trip to Starbucks - and although yummy coffee is great, your marriage is far more important. Besides, you automatically receive a FREE 14 day no risk trial at sign up.  So sign up. Cancel before your 14 days are up and there is no charge to you; but if you husbands will actually try these ideas, we know you won't cancel. This is all about your relationship.  A strong and happy marriage is a blessing, but it is one you will have to work for. Let the actions we suggest help bring about a relationship you may have only dreamed of.
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 Place a small love note where she is sure to find it when you are not around. Tell her how much she means to you.


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