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Romance Made EZ FAQ

Why aren't the messages on my emails or texts? Why do I have to go to the website to see them?

The messages are on your dashboard based on the comments of our beta testers and focus groups. It seems that  some of your wives and girlfriends are a little snoopy - and spoil the surprise.You also get to see any messages you may have missed by being sent directly to your dashboard. It seemed best to have all the messages available where only you can see them. Once you have logged in on your computer or device, the link will go straight to your dashboard, making it easy to access them. 

I have friends who have signed up for this, but I don't want us all to be doing the same thing for our wives or sweethearts...

Great thought! And guess what? We already thought of that. Our messages are in sequential order to begin with message number one on day one for each individual member. You will only receive the same message if you signed up on exactly the same day. As your subscription goes longer, we have designed the ideas and thoughts to correspond with your growth in your relationship. Win-win!

Some of the messages aren't relevant to me or my partner; what do I do then?

We understand that not all suggestions will apply to everyone; we cannot be all things to all people all the time. However, often the thought behind the message can be 'tweaked' to fit your situation. As you go through this process, you will experience a shift in the way you think about showing the woman you love how much you love her. As that shift occurs, it will start to become easier to change suggestions that may seem to not apply to you into something applicable. The idea behind every message is the same; make her feel special and loved, every day.  

I want messages every day of little things to do. Why don't you do that? may seem like a 'light' subject and a bit of a lark, but years of research went into crafting both the messages and their precise delivery system. Research showed that if men get too many messages with too much information, they stop paying attention to them.  It is kind of like getting spam in your email; eventually you pay no attention to the headlines and just hit 'delete'.  Women, on the other hand, love a little bit of anticipation - wondering when her Romeo will show up again and what sweet or crazy thing he is going to do to express his love for her.  A little bit of information, precisely communicated; a little bit of anticipation; both combine to create just the right amount of 'romance' to keep the fire burning.

Are her 'favorites' that I filled in going to 'do' anything other than sit on my dashboard? What is their purpose? Are you selling information?

Be reassured, we will never, ever,  sell or allow to be sold any information you supply about yourself or your partner that is of a personal nature. Those fields can serve as a reminder for now - they should ALL be filled in. However, in the future, we plan on using them to deliver custom content and ideas just for her. Stay tuned!

Why do you charge a monthly fee for membership? Most other 'romance' sites let you access them for free.

Research, beta testers and focus groups alike all agreed that if this service were free, you would not take it as seriously. People value more what they sacrifice to have - this is doubly true in relationships - and we know that what we offer is invaluable to our members. $7.00 a month is really nothing if it keeps the spark alive and makes her happy.   Also, you may notice there is no advertising on this site. Our beta testers and focus groups were adamant that nothing caused them to close a 'romantic tips' website faster than being bombarded by  images of  bikini clad, big breasted women in provocative poses linked to "click bait" articles; as well as  dozens of ads, pop ups, 200 articles and over 2 million words. This is how those sites generate revenue. Our name is 'RomanceMade..." EZ"; by keeping the messages clean, concise and on point, we make it easy to act - no web search and no visual or pop up assault in order to find  just a few good tips. 

Romance Made EZ FAQ

Some of the ideas seem really similar to things I have already done. I want new stuff - not rehashed stuff. How many of your ideas are like that?

Just like every relationship is different, every person is different. Based on feedback, most men preferred to be told exactly what to do, and how to do it. Few felt confident enough to come up with ideas on their own; and fewer wanted to try and 're-imagine' suggestions they received. To accommodate the willing but unimaginative among you, we tweaked some of our best ideas so they could be reused, but with a new twist. More importantly; no woman we surveyed had an issue with that. Women were more focused on the effort than the delivery. More interestingly, the men who felt confident about how they currently 'romance' their spouses were also those most unlikely to ever sign up for this service; even though in interviewing their wives, we found they were not doing the outstanding job they thought they were. Oh well; we can't help everybody.

What if she doesn't react the way I want her to? What if the idea falls flat?

You, and only you, know what has gone on in your relationship. We have no way of knowing what has happened between you and your partner, how much you have neglected your relationship or what challenges and issues you need to overcome to get things right again. If you have a partner that does not respond to anything you do that we suggest, you may have a bigger problem than you thought. Her 'temperature', if you will, is a direct communication of how much work you have to do to get things nice and warm and cozy again. You have two choices; stick with it, or give up. You choose; but remember, if you do nothing, you have already lost. Better to keep at it than to lose it all. If you truly love her and are trying, absent the three "A"s, (adultery, addiction or abuse) it is almost a guarantee she will respond positively.

Is it really necessary to remain a member after some of the ideas have worked? Why keep doing it? She will just get spoiled.

Yes, this is actually a question we received from several beta testers. There were actually a few who wanted to use our ideas as a way to manipulate their partners into doing something or getting something they wanted. If you use this for those reasons - shame on you. Romance is not a 'one off''; it is a lifetime commitment and an everyday practice. If you get to the point where these types of actions and ways of thinking about the woman you love are just a part of who you are - cancel! With our blessing! Until then, stay with us, keep reading, keep acting. You will never regret the investment you are making in the most important relationship of your life.

I have a friend who could really use this. Can I get them a gift of a membership?

The ability to buy gift memberships delivered via email is on the site - check the box asking "Is this a gift for a friend?". The ability to send gift cards is in the works...stay tuned.

Can women sign up their husbands or boyfriends?

Of course!! In fact, we highly encourage and recommend it! Just make sure that the fields labeled "Your Information" are actually their information, and list yourself as the "Significant Other".

Romance Made EZ FAQ

Is this site lesbian and gay friendly?

Other than using terms specific to heterosexual relationships, this site is completely LG friendly. We don't attempt to define relationships - just make them better. As the vast majority of couples are heterosexual, we use terminology that is applicable to most people. That in no way impedes any couple from using the site or the service.

Are you going to add more features?

RomanceMadeEZ is a continually developing idea. We are committed to giving our members the best possible experience. In that spirit, we are also committed to adding as many useful and innovative features as technology will allow to enhance our members experience - and their relationships! Feedback and ideas are welcome. As our membership grows, so will the features that  our members will have access to!

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