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Are you wondering; what exactly is “Romance Made EZ” and what does it do for ME??? Read On....

Ladies, we know what you know - that your mate, no matter how much he loves you, is “romance” challenged. He and you; well; you speak two different languages when it comes to romance; and his idea of what is romantic usually involves doing something BIG, or something sexy - not the little every day things that really make your heart flutter and melt. It is scientific fact that his brain is not wired the same way as yours; particularly on the emotional side. It is NOT that he doesn’t have feelings; he has them as deeply as you do; but his way of expressing them that doesn’t always translate “love” to you. The things that make him feel loved are not at all dissimilar from the things you need to feel loved; but he does not understand that the way he would like those things communicated to him are not the same way that you do. Sometimes he just lacks imagination, needs a fresh perspective, or even a simple reminder that he should be doing the little things that matter so much to women. Let’s face it - life is more demanding than ever. You often both have jobs and a mountain of responsibilities. Add children to the mix - well, thoughts of “romance” can go right out the window.

And here’s the worst part, and you know it’s true; if you have to ask him for what you need, then even if he does it, it doesn’t quite feel the same for you as if he had done it on his own volition. You want him to know what makes you feel loved; and if you have to tell him, it doesn’t count. What are these poor guys to do?

Enter Romance Made EZ; we supply the imagination, perspective and reminders of what he should do in a few easy to act on messages a week. Simple, free or inexpensive but oh so relationship changing acts that he can undertake that scream “I Love You” in YOUR language. We live in a “sound byte” world, so Romance Made EZ will give him the ideas he needs to speak his love to you in a way that is meaningful to you both; and in small doses with clear direction; a format that men easily relate to. But here is the best part: as he stays with us, little by little taking action become habit for him. Yes, that’s right; once he has begun doing sweet loving things on a regular basis, he will want to act on them for a lifetime. RomanceMadeEZ permanently changes the way he thinks about how to be romantic and how to express his love for you.

One little caveat; we must ask that you participate in this process in one small way. Yes, you too, have a part to play; and it is an important one.

When he makes attempts to please you; when he is vulnerable; when he does sweet little things; even if he doesn’t quite hit the mark as he stumbles down an unfamiliar pathway called “being romantic”, be kind. Resist the temptation to berate him by saying things like “why haven’t you done this before?” or “it’s about time”. Praise his attempts and let him know you appreciate them. Take these opportunities to build him up. This will encourage him to do more, to give more, to be more attentive and loving. His reward is your smile, your warmth, and your affection, especially with his vulnerability. Believe he loves you; he does. Romance Made EZ will give him the opportunity to remember to be the man you married, every day.

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